How to Win Crowds and Influence by Unlocking Your Natural Charm

If there’s ONE trait all great public speakers have in common, it’s charisma.

Some are born with it, while others have a hard time tapping into this mysterious attribute.

But, make no mistake about it, the ability to attract, charm, and influence those around you can be learned. You just have to know how, and practice.

Here are 7 charm boosters to instantly come across as more likable and win over any crowd.


Be Yourself

The truth is…

Charisma comes from within.

We all have charismatic qualities about us. Your audience will feel more connected to you when you remove all barriers and are your true self on stage.


Because an authentic personality is contagious.

People are instantly attracted to those who are not afraid to be themselves and share their uniqueness with others, especially with an entire crowd of strangers.

The next time you are on stage, don’t hold back from being yourself. Share your true personality with your audience through personal stories, experiences, etc.


Have Fun

A great way to be more charismatic on stage is to have fun.

This should be easy, considering you are talking to a group of like-minded people about common interests.

Loosen up!

Tap into your natural playful self by having a good time on stage. When your audience sees you having a blast, they will too.

And when your audience is having fun and in a great mood, you’ll have a much easier time getting your message across and winning over new clients.


Gaze into Their Eyes

Want to engage your audience and show people you’re paying special attention to them without saying a word?

Look them in their eyes.

Believe it or not, studies show that looking someone in their eyes makes you more attractive, knowledgeable, and likable to that person.

The next time you’re giving a speech, remember to lock eyes with each audience member (no longer than a few seconds), you’ll be amazed at their response!


Share Your True Emotions

Share everything!

The good, the bad, the ugly.

Don’t hide behind your emotions. Cry, laugh, shout, etc. Open up and express how you really feel, in the present moment on stage and, through past experiences when telling stories.

How will this help you become more charismatic?

Because, when you share your true feelings with people, they will immediately connect to that experience and relate to you. After all, we all experience these emotions.

Plus, they will respect you because you shared something others don’t normally share.


Give Genuine Compliments

Make your audience feel good by giving them genuine compliments.

Anytime is the right time to make your audience feel special. Don’t make things complicated. You can give compliments on anything…

Comment on some dude’s cool tattoo before answering their question. Tell a lady she’s smart for jotting down notes. Tell your crowd how awesome they’ve been!

Just be sure you’re genuine about it. A fake compliment will backfire on you.



One of the quickest ways to be more likable is to SMILE.

A genuine smile is irresistible.

As soon as your audience sees your pearly white teeth, they’ll feel a warm and welcoming vibration overcome their senses.

Think, are you smiling when speaking to your audience?

If not, smile when rehearsing. Soon, you’ll unconsciously start smiling during your speeches.


Reveal Your Flaws

NEVER hold back from sharing your flaws with your audience.

Similar to sharing your true emotions, telling your audience about your setbacks makes you more relatable and helps you build a stronger connection with them.

The thing is…

Nobody likes mister or miss’s perfect.

Show your human side by expressing your struggles, pains, and frustrations along your journey to success.



If you want to give unforgettable speeches and stand out on and off stage, you must exude charisma.

Hopefully by now you understand that you already hold the key to unlocking this desirable quality.

Be yourself and use these charisma boosters to win over any crowd!