5 Major Ways Public Speaking Impacts Your Personal Life

There’s no doubt public speaking has a huge influence on your career.

Your communication skills empower you to touch other peoples’ lives in a positive way, boost your reputation amongst your industry, and grow your business to new heights.

But this magnificent skill also has major influences on your personal life.

Whether you know it or not, public speaking impacts your mind, body, health, relationships, and daily experiences.

Indeed, public speaking enriches your life on and off stage!

Here are 5 ways public speaking benefits your personal life.


Boost Your Confidence

Perhaps the biggest and most noticeable benefit you’ll experience from public speaking is uplifted confidence.

The moment you face your fears and deliver a speech on stage, you’ll feel an electrifying jolt of confidence shoot through every bone in your body.

The better you become on stage, the more confident you’ll be in your personal life.

You see, when you can engage and motivate an audience, and especially after you hear success stories from audience members whom you’ve helped improve their lives, you’ll feel on top of the world.

This boosted confidence and higher self-esteem will improve your social interactions, strengthen your relationships, and naturally attract others to you.


Live a Healthier Life

Did you know that great public speakers are also great breathers?

It’s true.

They are always conscious of their breathing and continuously practice proper breathing techniques (for example - taking long, deep breathes through the diaphragm).


Because, to succeed on stage, public speakers need to stay calm and focused.

A great way to achieve this is to practice diaphragmatic breathing. This type of breathing quickly eliminates anxiety and stress. Freeing you from racing thoughts and being stuck inside your head.

The mental clarity you gain from breathing properly carries over into your personal life.

You become much more present and engaged in your day-to-day activities and relationships.

You’ll also be in a better mood, throughout your day, because you are living life the way it should be - in the present moment.

Not to mention, proper breathing also improves your blood flow, posture, digestion, energy levels, and reduces inflammation!


A More Rewarding Social Life

The communication skills gained from public speaking will certainly impact your social life in extraordinary ways.

Naturally, you’ll find it easier, and much more enjoyable, to interact with others because you are calm, confident, and in control.

You’ll be able to approach and connect with anyone. To effortlessly start a conversation and hold the other person or group’s interest for as long as you like.

Best of all?

Your communication skills will help you create stronger and more meaningful relationships with friends, family members, and romantic partners.

People Will Find You More Attractive and Want to be Your Friend

Do you know what the two most attractive traits are?

Charisma and confidence!


People Are Naturally Attracted To Those Who Exude Confidence And Have A Charismatic Personality.

Luckily for you, public speakers radiate an undeniable aura of confidence and charisma.

Not only will you see a dramatic improvement in your love life but also in making (and keeping) friends.

Because you will be much more approachable and likable.

People will be drawn to you, viewing you as a confident leader and an overall interesting person to be around.


Understand Yourself Better

One of the most impressive talents public speakers have is their ability to tell stories.

Not only are stories a powerful tool for captivating an audience on stage, but they also help you understand yourself better.

You see, when you craft personal stories, you are reliving past experiences and searching for life lessons.

This creates a deeper meaning and purpose for your life.

As you share these experiences with your audience, you gain a better understanding of yourself.

These life experiences shape your personality and give you an outside-looking-in perspective of who you really are.



Public speaking is a wonderful career that has many positive influences on your personal and professional life.

The more speeches you give, the more benefits you’ll experience.